No, I have not abandoned it. Allthough Basic is missing again as usual, the project is still having it’s “alive” status, and I do typeset scripts for uta every now and then between otehr things.

truth to be told though, I dont know what to do with it… With the ps4/vita remake coming out and all (I know, it’s not the same! The original’s isometric style and lovely sprites make it a whole different experience than the nonsense 3d they keep shovellin’ everywhere nowadays…) still though, I am torn…

– ムギ

Home sweet home

Extended downtime is over folks. Blacklabel is back home.

we had all forms of interesting events going on that eventually led to the entire server being taken down and relocated elsewhere. Cant be arsed to go to details on what actually happened but whatever it was it’s over now and we’re running up and good.

Project updates will now move permanently to here instead of being allover the internet on various different sites and whatnots, and the only channels to get proepr information about our doings from now on will be at the following:

this site: blacklabel-translations.com

My twitter: twitter.com/teh_mugi

my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCklULqbnHzdNdbklGVZu0WQ


Home sweet home

I took a little vacation and resulting from that, zill o’ll and utawarerumono were halted progress-vise for 2 weeks or so, but now I’m back and will return on making things move again. Meanwhile Tom has been doing his thing as far as the script on zill o’ll goes, and once i reach Binaryfail again (curse the stupid american timezones!) I’ll put myself up-to-date on what happened on the code side.

As far as Utawarerumono goes, Basic is still working on the scripts and I’ll check that up and get back to typesetting soon(ish). We’re rather closing in on the point in the story where the playstation exclusive scenario of the game is being given the english treatment. Once that happens, I’ll share some material out of it, being the first time it’s being translated and all :) look forward to it!


status updates yay!

Sooo, since we finally got back to working on Utawarerumono portable after Basic’s mystical disappearance, here’s some stats about how the project is actually going…. The project page has also been brought up to date.

– Graphics: 99,9% (only ending credits roll text graphic is undone.)
– Raws checked: [ 316 / 316 files – 100%]
– Translation: [ 159 / 316 files – ~51%]
– Script Check: [ 117 / 316 files – ~34%] [ 13705 / 35133 lines ] (re)translated
– Misc. hacking: 95% (only hacking part left is a new stringbuffer for dictionary entries.)

The total count of files that need to be edited came out to be 316 files and 35133 lines of text, from which half have been translated and a bit less typesetted. Basic’s hard at work translating more and I will start typesetting the newly translated stuff shortly.


More zombies, apocalypse incoming!

It happened, after over a year of complete incognito silcence dissappearance ninja-vanish, Basic just randomly reappeared couple nights ago. That in itself is good news for our baby-project Utawarerumono portable but that’s not all, it appears that the “little” break our translator decided to take was good for him and he’s having full tank of energy and enthusiasm, enough that he’s spitting out scripts faster than I manage to keep up. Yeah bois, Uta is back on track after a year of silence! (project status updates once I get new scripts checked out et cetera, I do have Zill O’ll infinite plus to manage too, and I’m working on mapping the remaining script raws for Basic to chew on.)




Yes yes, I know I know…..


We didnt actually drop the project… well we did but the issue regarding that was sorted out and Zill’s still going on, quite spectacularly at that too.

the graphics hacking has been more or less finished from the normal parts (more on that below) and tom’s almost done with a project that’s been eating his time off from translating zill, so hopefully it will pick up the pace soon..

the hacking side has been a little slow as I’ve been stuck with unexpected real life complications that ate some weeks of my time. Those will end on the following weekend and I shouldbe able to return to proper work with binaryfail.


okay, so the graphics….

first of all, the translated graphics are indeed 100% done, and are one image implementation away from being 100% added into the game. They look gorgeous, the menus have all been fixed, the soul graphics imported from the ps2 (GIGANTIC quality increase!), the character portrait remastering is completed (another huge quality increase!!), the texts have all been redone and cleaned up (0% dithering), the item/skill/whatever icons are all done, and all in all everything sits in really nicely with the game.


now, the catch 32;

I started wondering what would happen if I threw the ps2 version’s character 3d textures into the psp version, since the psp version is using 128×128 resolution textures at 64 colors for all the 3d models it has against the 512×512 256color textures the ps2 version does.


i did not expect much from this since it’s rather obvious that the little psp simply cannot handle that kind of things at all as it’s lacking a dedicated GPU unlike the monstrocity that is EmotionEngine in the ps2…. well, how wrong was I again. The results of my test are SPECTACULAR!

below image is the game running using doubled texture resulutions compared to the originals (256×256 against 128×128) at 256 colors instead of 64. and there are no performance issues whatsoever…. now THIS is what I call an asset update!

(pic taken at 2x window size on PPSSPP with no filtering/upscaling applied. this is fully tested on real hardware and it looks amazing!)