No, I have not abandoned it. Allthough Basic is missing again as usual, the project is still having it’s “alive” status, and I do typeset scripts for uta every now and then between otehr things.

truth to be told though, I dont know what to do with it… With the ps4/vita remake coming out and all (I know, it’s not the same! The original’s isometric style and lovely sprites make it a whole different experience than the nonsense 3d they keep shovellin’ everywhere nowadays…) still though, I am torn…

– ムギ

Home sweet home

Extended downtime is over folks. Blacklabel is back home.

we had all forms of interesting events going on that eventually led to the entire server being taken down and relocated elsewhere. Cant be arsed to go to details on what actually happened but whatever it was it’s over now and we’re running up and good.

Project updates will now move permanently to here instead of being allover the internet on various different sites and whatnots, and the only channels to get proepr information about our doings from now on will be at the following:

this site: blacklabel-translations.com

My twitter: twitter.com/teh_mugi

my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCklULqbnHzdNdbklGVZu0WQ