Valkyrie profile undub….

It appears there’s a couple interesting issues going on with the ps1 undub of valkyrie profile that makes it freeze and/or glitch out during certain boss fights.

i’ve disabled the download for the time being, I’ll patch it hopefully someday when i find the time to dig into wtf is going on with it. And for those wondering, there’s no such a thing as a small bug in ps1 VP, dealing with the files and rebuilding the disk image alone is a gignatic pain in the ass, and that’s not even touching the compressed internals…


OCD Triggered.

As usual with me and my OCD of having everything look nice and all, I got way too triggered by having the valkyrie profile undub in a clear jewel case with my crappy handwriting on it on my shelf, so I conjured a custom coverscan for it, which I decided to put up on the download page in-case someone out there wants to use it too.

I shamelessly abused the more recent art from valkyrie anatomia for it, but I think it turned out pretty nice nonetheless, and being a custom, it’s not like it has to be official looking anyway.

grab it from the Undubs page.


Valkyrie Profile ps1 Undub now released. – The end of an era.

It has been completed and is now released as a set of xDelta patches. Make sure to read the readme for important information about the release and how to use it.

Grab the release from the undubs page

I didnt actually plan on doing this, it more like just sort of happened. I’ve been quite out of the loop so to say regarding undubs and whatnots for quite a few years already and with this release, I will officially call it a day. Valkyrie profile will stand as a cornerstone of my pioneering efforts in the area of undub hacking, and serves to be as my farewell gift for all you good people who have stuck up with me during these 15+ years I’ve been on the scene… And for all the haters out there, keep on hating, without hate, there ain’t no love either…

What comes to the technicalities of this undub, While the build itself is my handwriting, it would surely not have been possible without binaryfail’s masterful programming skills. The tool used to create this undub is his handwriting alone, and the reverse engineering which went into this game and the process of programming the tool to create it, in addition to my own, and binaryfails reversing, comes from various sources by various people, who have, before us done a lot of work into figuring out how exactly does this very unconventional game works.

The sourcecode of the tool, vpextract, or as I call it, valcrypt, will eventually be released once we polish it up to make it less inconvenient to use. Hopefully it will serve some good for all the people out there with a desire to further hack this game.

Full credits of involved reverse engineering and documentation of the game’s structure will be included with the tool’s sourcecode once it releases.


It has been a long, long journey and I sincerely hope that My work on restoring the audio for some of the classic games out there brought some joy to all of you. But it all has to end sooner or later. And from now on, I will be targeting my efforts towards translation hacking instead. That is what Blacklabel-translations was founded for, and it’s time for me to finally direct my efforts towards that goal alone.


Valkyrie profile

Yes, we have indeed been messing with it. I just finished sorting out the audio for disk 1, and once binary wakes up and codes a rebuild feature for the unnecessarily complicated tool to take apart this unnecessarily complicated ps1 game, we’ll have first half of the ps1 valkyrie profile undub done. I will record some material out of it once we manage to put the damn thing back together.

no, it was not unhackable, and yes, it’s stupidly complicated and overengineered for what it is. The sourcecode of the tool, which I like to call valcrypt will be released once we polish it a little. It currently has some minor issues with filetype identification, and it does not sort the contents (yet.)



I’ve been assisting the PPSSPP devs ever since april in tracing down the reason why Zill O’ll randomly blackscreens or crashes in certain conditions when using OpenGL or D3D11 renderingbackends, and the wait is finally over. We got down to the root cause and a fix was submitted, the emulator is now fully capable of playing the game, which not only helps with the development and testing of the zill o’ll patch but also brings it more accessible to people to enjoy once it’s complete.

raise your hats for the devs!


pathing patches :P

I tested out a new little thing regarding Girlfriend of Steel since i released the 1.01 patch to fix the typos and bugs from it, and managed to shrink the patch into 45MB instead of 250MB the patch originally was.

The download links have been updated to point to the new patch file.

the contents are still the same, it’s the 1.01 patch, only the filesize is much smaller now.


Patch 1.01 is out!

Girlfriend of steel 2nd patch 1.01 is now released.

This patch addresses all the issues reported to me ever since the initial release.

The patch has been redone from scratch and is to be applied to the japanese vanilla iso. Do NOT attempt to patch it over the existing 1.00 release, it will not work!

grab it from: the project page


Valkyrie profile lenneth undub update

9 years since i made an undub of this game and people still fail to leave me alone for the fact that one of Lenneths moaning sounds was in english, so here you go:

Grab the patch from the Undubs page

download the rar, and the sfv, and patch the contained xdelta into my original release (mu-lennethundub.iso) the brandishing sword and several other unrelated sound effects are now japanese.



No, I have not abandoned it. Allthough Basic is missing again as usual, the project is still having it’s “alive” status, and I do typeset scripts for uta every now and then between otehr things.

truth to be told though, I dont know what to do with it… With the ps4/vita remake coming out and all (I know, it’s not the same! The original’s isometric style and lovely sprites make it a whole different experience than the nonsense 3d they keep shovellin’ everywhere nowadays…) still though, I am torn…

– ムギ