New characters, part II

Earlier on I mentioned Kamuchataru and Nopon from the new characters, and since I haven’t actually beaten the portable version of the game myself yet, I thought that’s about it for new content.

Alas, i was wrong. This new character render popped up today during my dissamblies of the character portrait images. Her name is Subaru.

I did see the name in the names database earlier but didnt’ really think much of it at the time.

I don’t know her role in the story yet… Time will tell I suppose :P

Notice the lack of animal ears.


EDIT: Upon further inspection, it appears this girl and few others are found in the hidden bonus content.

….Upon seeing the dialoque, I’m not even wondering why they made it hard to reach. I did miss it since these scenes are not even visible with a 100% unlocks save.


well, the artwork is cool though, i dumped off a total of 11 renders that represent the developers themselves. Will be posting more of those later on.


…….Here you go then..

kuh03 yuu02


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