May updates

Thought I’d write up a bit even though there’s still not much to say about the progress..

We’re working on the script, albeit slow, but that’s mostly because I’m the script editor, which basically means that we have no script editor. With my Japanese reading and comprehension skills it’s not really progressing as fast as I’d like to at all. But it’s progressing nonetheless.. I’ve spent some time in the past days trying to figure out the ordering of the event files since theire filenames or whatever else don’t really give it away, and aside that we’ve been refining the ways we lay out the text, such as how we’re setting up the Furigana text and so on…

On the graphics side, there’s not much left to do and not much has been done since the last update. Though binaryfail is starting to poke the last graphics folder soonish, and meanwhile I rebuilt the entire gallery (which is way more work than it looks like.) The gallery is now drawn out as BGRA565 instead of 256-color, meaning the quality is way better than it is on the retail version. The gallery images have all been redone from scratch and now accurately represent the contents, which changed a little with the decensored images. a total of 11 images were altered from which 4 are completely replaced, and remaining 7 are decencored. I’ll detail that out more on a later date, as it’s prone to spoilers a bit.

Still no ETA, still no partial patches… Though we’ll propably do a little video showing off how it looks soonish.

Stay tuned for more


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