A careful estimate

In Utawarerumono portable, there are 616 .p files, which are the game’s script.

In the 616 .p files, there are a total of 115157 lines of text. Because our text editing tool dumps the .p files as [original line] [translated line] [empty line between lines.] when we divide the amount of lines by 3, we get the amount of lines of script in the game. This number is 38385.

from the existing 38385 lines, several hundreds are system commands and other things that do not need to be touched, so a careful estimate would be that there’s around 37500 lines of text to translate.

As of writing this post, we currently have 1836 lines done.

As I’ve stated before, we are taking our time ensuring quality over speed, and needless to say, this will take a while, but  I felt like making a little statistic out of it for those who are curious about the amount of work.


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