We’re back at it.

Some personal matters more or less forced me to take a little break but we are back at work once again. I’m hoping that we’ll progress a bit faster from now on, but we’ll just have to wait and see for that.

out of the 616 files, not more than 12 have now been finished, which isn’t really all that much. (i’d guess it’s somewhere around 3000 lines or so out of 37000.) And this is just the initial implementation too, the whole script will be played through and re-edited once the first pass is finished. We’re working way slower than we hoped for, and while our motivation is dead serious, the amount of work basically multiplied by 1000x compared to what we had originally assumed, so it does eat us a little. Originally, Basic only joined in agreeing to work on the new content of the PSP version which we didn’t have a translation done for (since it doesn’t exist on the mirror moon’s translation) but as of now, we all agreed that the re-translation will get done, and the entire script will be overhauled.

What is slowing us down a little is the fact that we all have our own stuffs going on, and Utawarerumono is only being worked on at our “spare time.”

It will be awesome though ;)


– ムギ

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