too many games, not enough hackers.

Yeah, I know, it’s been ages and then some since the last update…

I got myself involved in a little something that’s quite close to my heart when it comes to games and just like Utawarerumono, it’s a game i’ve been meaning to mess with for a long time now.


as it just so happened, not too long after we got onto working with Utawarerumono, an entity called Coldbird, whom you might have heard of if you deal with psp custom firmwares, managed to reverse engineer and then recreate a functioning server for .hack//frägment, bringing it back from it’s grave after 7 years of silence. After various incidents regarding the game I ended up in his team and i’ve been working on translating the game to get it in english and playable for the general audience. Hence the silence on the Utawarerumono project..

I will not ditch this project no matter what though, I’ve wanted to do this for as long as the psp version has existed, and no matter how long it takes, it WILL get done. What I don’t know is that how long does it actually take.

managing 2 projects at once is a massive pain in the ass but I picked up Utaware’s script editor today for the first time in a while and hence the project is once again moving at it’s usual snail pace. Just figured I need to write up something for those 2 or so people who were ever even interested of this project or happen to even know of it’s existence.

– ムギ

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  1. will do :)

    the tedious scriptwork is just something that takes time.
    lots and lots of time. The completion of the patch itself
    souldn’t really be in any danger as we dont have a single
    technical obstacle left.

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