Recent silence

There hasn’t been much going on as of late when it comes to Utawarerumono and the reason for that is once again me.

I’ve been having some health issues lately and I’ve spent a lot of time lately being in bed or in a hospital, which more or less stops the progress on uta again since the script editing is done by me, Basic has translated some more of the content though, but it’s still sitting unchecked until I get myself back in shape enough that i can actually use my computer for more than 2 minutes at a time without feeling lime im gonna die of backpains.

It’s just another unwanted delay, but can’t really help it I suppose, I do value my health over the completion of this project afterall :P

I will try and get back to work on it as soon as possible, but currently it does look like it will still take a little while.


4 Responses to Recent silence

  1. No worries Mugi, it is preferable that you get well rather than hitting the brick wall. Good luck!

  2. I’m not really in any mortal danger so no worries, but backpains are always fun in that they effectively prevent me from sitting at my PC for extented periods of time I require for working on the game :P

  3. Mugi, maybe you need some help for this project? I can lend a hand with anything apart gfx and translation.

  4. Thanks for the offer but we are fine really.
    it’s more of a matter of free time than lack of skills or knowledge.

    the hacking of the game is completely done, and so are the graphics. What’s left of it is the translation, and quality checking the translation. And that is being worked on by basic and basic alone. We agreed from the get-go when he agreed to retranslate the entire script, that he would work on it alone, to ensure maximum consistency and steady quality throughout the entire game.

    it is a slow way, but we have worked the entire game with just the 3 of us, and we will finish it with just the 3 of us too.

    Despite the lack of updates as of late, the project is being worked on everyday, and there’s a load of content done already that is not reflected by the project status page, which i only update once im done with all my work phases of the files.

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