Yes, we are still alive and well

Well, sort of…

Long story short, I got my job back and that effectively reduced my time to work on this from 24/7 to more or less few hours a week (I do have things I do outside utaware too :P) So script typesetting has been on a pretty halted state for some weeks now.

Basic has worked more of the translation though, so once I get the backlog worked out it’ll be all fun and games again. No idea for numbers but i’d be quessing we’re actually closer to 20000 than 10000 lines done now (translated, not QC’d.) I only update the progress on the project page once the first typesetting is done, so the project page doesn’t really represent the current state of the project atm, I’ll propably update it a little regarding that in a bit.

On another note, there’s some good news to be had too! While this is all in early stages and doesn’t say much as is, Binary did a rough mapping of the bytecode portion of the script files and dumping it into a (somewhat) editable format is already possible. While no tools for this exist yet aside an alpha stage dumper, what it means is that the game event data is now editable, which then again means that restoring the removed hentai scenes for the naughty patch (pepper) is starting to seem more doable.


As per usual, I do apologize for the wait for those who are actually looking forward to this project’s completion, but I will remind you all once again, that this project is something I started for me and myself, and it will be ready once we’re done with it. No sooner, no later. There are no and never will be any ETA’s or betas or anything else of the sort. The finished patch will be released when it’s done™ and in the unlikely case that it gets abandoned, the currently done build along with all tools and (documented) data will be shared for someone else to continue with.


PS: yes, i will hack uta2 when it gets released, lol.


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