…Should have known

well, my copy of utawarerumono 2 came and as expected, threw it in the ps3 and first things first, started making a copy to see what makes it tick. And at this point shit started hitting the fan..

result: 1 dead ps3 (now total of 3/6 broken) the blu-ray drive died before i was able to make  a copy, and with that, I just figured that it’s better to leave it be for now, and went back to other things.

We will take a look at it on a later date, assuming no one else does (someone dumped out the artwork of the game already, so it seems that atleast in this sense, someone has been messing with the game’s internals already) but we’ll see I guess. Meanwhile we’ll continue dealing with utawareumono 1’s psp version (yes, I still havent updated the project status, Im so sorry for being a lazy-ass bum)


On a side note, I am still actively working on the Fragment revival project at http://coldbird.net/fragment

For those not familiar with the game, .hack//frägment is a ps2 MORPG (multiplayer online roleplaying game) which’ servers were officially closed 2007. Since then an entity called Coldbird along with a MIPS ASM god called NCDyson managed to reverse the system enough to bring it back online in the form of a private server. Myself, I joined the team afterwards, and since then the 3 of us have been slowly but surely hacking the game in pieces and then some to translate the game fully in english and bring more of it’s original functionality back.

The frägment project is my main timewaster at the moment which slows down utawarerumono to an extend, but at the end of the day, all this is just a hobby to me, so I always work on what i feel like working :P

my love of uta doesnt ever die though, so there is absolutely 0% chance that the uta project stays unfinished or gets cancelled. Im willing to sit on it for a decade if that’s what it takes, but it gets done.


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