October (or something) Updates

That time of the year again ehh…. updates…

Just kidding, but yes, I’ll admit it, i’ve been neclegting the project for a while again. Either way, the breakdown of the current state of the project has been updated on the Project page and as promised, I changed the way the progress is displayed to separare translated content and the content that has it’s 1st pass of translation quality check done. Im kinda feeling like playing the game again a little, so I’ll try and give it more time in the near future.

All in all, it’s still quite a way from being finished but it’s gone quite a ways from the point of beginning too, and it’s looking as good as ever too. I dont think it’s realistic to expect it to be ready before 2016 though, but god knows… it really boils down to how fast I get arsed to work and how fast Basic gets arsed to translate more, since when I pick it up full-time, the gap between my state of script checks and his state of script translation is a matter of week at most.


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  1. Just created an account to wish you guys good luck translating Utawarerumono.

    It’s a little hard leaving a comment here since the bg and text are both black. XD

  2. where is the text black ?
    it should be white or grey in every text field possible and i havent seen an issue with it on anything i’ve tried so far (chrome, firefox, mobiles)

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