Holidays are over, back to work you slackers!

And so we’ve all returned from our derpings and the crew is back together :P

there’s been all sorts of slowdowns for the start of the year, but those are now done with and we’re about to get back getting utawarerumono portable finally done.

Basic had a hard drive failure though, which slows us down a tiny bit, but nothing severe, so he’ll be back on track in a few days. And the dev side of the team has been derping off with itsuwari no kamen in the meantime, the game’s more or less fully reversed, from what i’ve been testing, the graphics edits work great, the text edits work great, and aside a minor issue with the font on some system messages, the UI text edits are also working (they work, they’re just written as full-width, and tbh, no idea if we are capable of fixing that without any actual debugging tools for ps3.) So far it only seems to affect several not so important things though, such as “loading data” or “DLC unlocked” and messages like that, totally annoying but not gamebreaking. Either way, research on uta2 continues while out main focus is getting uta1 done.

– ムギ

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  1. I just happened to stumble upon this translation project, and this is a great job so far! It’s great to see the PSP translation community still very active. I wish you guys the best to see this to fruition.

  2. This project will complete. There is no question about whether or not it will complete. Just the question of how long will it ACTUALLY take. We only work on this as a hobby on our spare time, and while I personally have all the time in the world because of my recent unemployement, Binaryfail and Basic both have a life to attend to, and in addition to that, basic’s contributions at this point in time are 100% vital to any form of progress for the project.

    There is nothing more to do than translate and check the main story translation, which is his part of the work. Hence we are sitting still until he gets time to progress with it.

  3. Thanks for working on such a great series. I wish I was more competent at translating so i could help out. Maybe in 300 years or so :P

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