Late project updates

As usual, updates have been far and between…. My apologies for that.

Allow me to explain a bit of what’s been going on ever since the last posts around christmas times.

First of all; Personal matters. I now have a girlfriend who im going to marry very soon, and hence my real life has been turned into something i have to now pay a lot of attention instead of being something i mostly ignored as an unneccessary nuisance before. Thats one thing, i havent given Utawarerumono the attention it requires, and for that my apologies.

secondly; the translation.

as sad as i am to say, we have not heard from Basic at all basically ever since january, and we have been unable to contact him at all, which means that the project is for the first time in it’s history in real jeopardy. If it comes to that, i will look for alternate sources to complete this patch, but not before i have had a definite confirmation that Basic wont do it. The OC in me prevents me from having anyone else work on it and compromise the steady quality and consistency of the script. This patch is still something primarily worked for ourselves, and after that, for other people to enjoy, and my perfectionism simply places the quality over extended periods of time, whether it be months or years… I do realize this will be a dissappointment for those to hear who were actually waiting for it to complete… i am sorry to say i have completely lost a timeframe for it’s completion now, and the future events will tell how it goes.



 – ムギ

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