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  1. This visual novel is so much better than its anime adaptation.
    While you are at it, just remembering you that Uta3: Futari no Hakuoro just released in Japan.

    Go have some fun with it too, when you can, people are telling me it’s the best Uta to date.

    Btw, how is the project going? Some PSP-lovers friends of mine are very excited to play an all-ages version in english haha

  2. the progress of uta1 has been really slow as of late due to real life interferences. Binaryfail is spending most of his time with school and i’ve been really busy sorting my life out now that my wife moved in with me so between that and all my other hobbies and projects i really struggle to find time working on uta.

    it’s getting there though, i’ve been progressing it a bit again and will update the project status soon.

    as for uta3, it’s not unreasonable to assume that it’s engine is the the same as uta2 seeing the material of the game and considering the timeframe on which it was developed and released compared to uta2 so i wouldn’t worry about hacking it too much.

    Either way, we havent looked into it as of yet. There’s just too much other stuff to do :P

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