Version 1.00 released!

Download can be found from the project page

Consider this release as a public beta. I played through one of the routes and patched off all the remaining errors I found.  If you find any remaining issues, bugs, typos or the like, by all means, write a post on the bug tracker thread on the forums.



enjoy… or something



2 Responses to Version 1.00 released!

  1. Ayyyyy, congratulations on the release. Always a good feeling to finish a project.

    I can do some testing tomorrow night probably.

  2. thanks! :P

    i sat on it long enough so it was nice to put it out finally indeed.

    as for what comes to testing, only thing that might still have problems with it is propably the texts on the location selection screens, that might come out of the text box on some cases. it was really messy to test all those since… well, you’ll see when you play it, there’s a lot of them lol.

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