status updates yay!

Sooo, since we finally got back to working on Utawarerumono portable after Basic’s mystical disappearance, here’s some stats about how the project is actually going…. The project page has also been brought up to date.

– Graphics: 99,9% (only ending credits roll text graphic is undone.)
– Raws checked: [ 316 / 316 files – 100%]
– Translation: [ 159 / 316 files – ~51%]
– Script Check: [ 117 / 316 files – ~34%] [ 13705 / 35133 lines ] (re)translated
– Misc. hacking: 95% (only hacking part left is a new stringbuffer for dictionary entries.)

The total count of files that need to be edited came out to be 316 files and 35133 lines of text, from which half have been translated and a bit less typesetted. Basic’s hard at work translating more and I will start typesetting the newly translated stuff shortly.


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  1. slow as it is, it’s still moving on.
    Unfortunately real life is taxing all of us way more than we’d like to and since translating games is not our job, but just a hobby, unfortunately it’ll have to move to the side to make time for more pressing matters.

    we are working on both utawarerumono and zill o’ll as much as we can more or less on any possible moment we actually have time on, but those moments are more and more far-inbetween nowadays….

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