Valkyrie Profile ps1 Undub now released. – The end of an era.

It has been completed and is now released as a set of xDelta patches. Make sure to read the readme for important information about the release and how to use it.

Grab the release from the undubs page

I didnt actually plan on doing this, it more like just sort of happened. I’ve been quite out of the loop so to say regarding undubs and whatnots for quite a few years already and with this release, I will officially call it a day. Valkyrie profile will stand as a cornerstone of my pioneering efforts in the area of undub hacking, and serves to be as my farewell gift for all you good people who have stuck up with me during these 15+ years I’ve been on the scene… And for all the haters out there, keep on hating, without hate, there ain’t no love either…

What comes to the technicalities of this undub, While the build itself is my handwriting, it would surely not have been possible without binaryfail’s masterful programming skills. The tool used to create this undub is his handwriting alone, and the reverse engineering which went into this game and the process of programming the tool to create it, in addition to my own, and binaryfails reversing, comes from various sources by various people, who have, before us done a lot of work into figuring out how exactly does this very unconventional game works.

The sourcecode of the tool, vpextract, or as I call it, valcrypt, will eventually be released once we polish it up to make it less inconvenient to use. Hopefully it will serve some good for all the people out there with a desire to further hack this game.

Full credits of involved reverse engineering and documentation of the game’s structure will be included with the tool’s sourcecode once it releases.


It has been a long, long journey and I sincerely hope that My work on restoring the audio for some of the classic games out there brought some joy to all of you. But it all has to end sooner or later. And from now on, I will be targeting my efforts towards translation hacking instead. That is what Blacklabel-translations was founded for, and it’s time for me to finally direct my efforts towards that goal alone.


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