About registering

From the looks of it, more than few people have attempted to use their WordPress accounts to log in, so here’s a few things to take note of:

  • This site does not cooperate with your standard wordpress account and requires an account of it’s own.
  • It apprears that currently, atleast Gmail treats our verification email as spam, so when you register, please check your spam folder, and whitelist blacklabel-translations.com.
  • Security measures are in place that prevent login hammering, and you will be banned for a period of time after several unsuccesful login attempts.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


4 Responses to About registering

  1. Thanks :P
    ..Somehow i was sure it’s you who comes in first, you’re kinda my only fan nowadays, heh.

  2. haven’t looked into that yet.
    until we make a proper channel, you’ll find me from the usual, #ps2@irc.espernet.net

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