pathing patches :P

I tested out a new little thing regarding Girlfriend of Steel since i released the 1.01 patch to fix the typos and bugs from it, and managed to shrink the patch into 45MB instead of 250MB the patch originally was.

The download links have been updated to point to the new patch file.

the contents are still the same, it’s the 1.01 patch, only the filesize is much smaller now.


Patch 1.01 is out!

Girlfriend of steel 2nd patch 1.01 is now released.

This patch addresses all the issues reported to me ever since the initial release.

The patch has been redone from scratch and is to be applied to the japanese vanilla iso. Do NOT attempt to patch it over the existing 1.00 release, it will not work!

grab it from: the project page


i found a funny

I dont usually post much useless crap (aside all the useless crap I post… which is basically everything on the site.) but anyway, I found this funny enough I figured i’ll share :P


Protip: pay attention to the laptop. Apparently NERV hands out HAL 9000’s to their staff :P


on a side note, graphics work on PS2 version of Girlfriend of steel is coming along, it’ll be done within some hours of effective work time, which translates to propably few days of time. I only work on the game on the side of more interesting things. The game’s text engine is a mess of it’s own and it’s in progress of being sorted out, more on that later. The script access itself is not an issue, it has already been sorted out and script editing is as much accessible as it is on the psp version (aka total control of graphics, text and animations.) It is another note worth of interest. The ps2 version does actually contain most if not all of the original pc version graphics, but is not using them. This includes tons and tons of animated scenes that were not animated either on the ps2 or the psp version. But unlike the psp version, the ps2 version still contains the commented out animation code. I might or might not restore some of it, because why not.



hooray…. or something.

But yeah, GFOS 2 finally went into testing phase, about time too i guess, considering that i’ve been sitting on this patch for a year now and it really doesnt have much to it anymore. The script has been fully done for 2 forevers now and same goes to all the relevant graphics and whatnot.

A friend of mine finally took it upon himself to play through the thing to see that it’s all-ok. and once that’s done it should be release time.

oh well, we’ll see how long that takes xD


Bored ramblings

I added another project into the list of things that might or might not get done.
It’s mostly for my own use to keep track of where I’m going with it, but by all means, take a look.

Shinseiki Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel 2nd is a game i’ve been on/off hacking for quite a while now and figured out I might aswell add it to the projects list, since I do keep working on it every now and then.