Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate English patch 1.0 released!

Our resident translator Basic worked on this game with his own group Basic Translations, If you’re a fan of Visual novels in general, it’s worth being checked out.

The reason im posting that though, is the fact that now that he’s done with his own timewasters, he can waste more time with Utaware again. :) Though naturally im just gonna let him rest until he feels like picking it up again.

At any rate, three hoorays for Basic and the rest of the crew for getting it done, VN’s are a pain in the ass to translate because WALLSOFTEXT! so it’s always heartwarming to see a project finish.


…Should have known

well, my copy of utawarerumono 2 came and as expected, threw it in the ps3 and first things first, started making a copy to see what makes it tick. And at this point shit started hitting the fan..

result: 1 dead ps3 (now total of 3/6 broken) the blu-ray drive died before i was able to make  a copy, and with that, I just figured that it’s better to leave it be for now, and went back to other things.

We will take a look at it on a later date, assuming no one else does (someone dumped out the artwork of the game already, so it seems that atleast in this sense, someone has been messing with the game’s internals already) but we’ll see I guess. Meanwhile we’ll continue dealing with utawareumono 1’s psp version (yes, I still havent updated the project status, Im so sorry for being a lazy-ass bum)


On a side note, I am still actively working on the Fragment revival project at http://coldbird.net/fragment

For those not familiar with the game, .hack//frägment is a ps2 MORPG (multiplayer online roleplaying game) which’ servers were officially closed 2007. Since then an entity called Coldbird along with a MIPS ASM god called NCDyson managed to reverse the system enough to bring it back online in the form of a private server. Myself, I joined the team afterwards, and since then the 3 of us have been slowly but surely hacking the game in pieces and then some to translate the game fully in english and bring more of it’s original functionality back.

The frägment project is my main timewaster at the moment which slows down utawarerumono to an extend, but at the end of the day, all this is just a hobby to me, so I always work on what i feel like working :P

my love of uta doesnt ever die though, so there is absolutely 0% chance that the uta project stays unfinished or gets cancelled. Im willing to sit on it for a decade if that’s what it takes, but it gets done.


Today’s the day

Yes, i have preordered my copy of Utawarerumono: itsuwari no kamen, and once it arrives we will proceed to tear it apart. Updates follow when we know more.

What comes to Utaware psp, it’s progressing (my apologies for not updating project status in a forever.) Basic is taking a small break from translating at the moment to work on other things, and im just poking at the already translated content at my own slow pace. Binary is being mostly idle since there’s nothing more to hack as far as that project goes. Don’t fret people! it will happen…. when it’s done™

spam spam spam

I’m tired of it, so henceforth @outlook.com email addresses cannot be used when registering to the forum (99,9% of spambots so far have an outlook email address.)

aside that, some other specific mail hosts have been banned which shouldn’t be an issue unless you’re a spambot, but i’d like to remind you to check your spam folder for the confirmation mail when you register, atleast gmail still doesn’t like us.


the blog (which requires an account of it’s own since im too lazy to create a merged database between the 2) doesnt currently have such restrictions, since i have other means of dealing with spam for wordpress.

when you register on the blog, the first comment you make will ALWAYS go into moderation queue. Once I greenlight that, you can comment on things freely. It’s a rather inconvenient but highly effective mean for spam.

and there’s not too many people around anyways so it shouldn’t take too long to get that going, at the worst case it takes some 10 hours if I happen to be sleeping while you post.

– ムギ

Merry Christmas!

BLACKlabel would like to wish you all a merry christmas and happy new year!

This year has been all fun and games and we’re all looking forward to seeing what 2015 will bring us.


Happy holidays !











– The Team

No, we are not dead.


….Derping aside, I am as busy as ever and the project has been reduced to near-death state, however, it will not die, not until it’s done.

I dont care if it takes me 10 years to get this patch released, it will get released. ..when it’s done™

– ムギ

Spam ‘n stuff

The forum got a little overflooded with spam, my apologies for that.

phpBB autoupdate messed up some forum configurations and resulting in broken things everywhere, which the spammers loved a little too much.

Should be mostly fixed now.


BBS opened.

I didnt really feel at home with just a blog, so decided to make a forum afterall.

Let me know if you run into any issues, I’m not really a front-end developer so this really took a toll on my php-fu.

hopefully it’ll be of some use. you can view the board from here.


Update: as per usual, it appears that the forum registrarion email is also treated as spam, so check your spam folder for it when you register.