Yes, we are still alive and well

Well, sort of…

Long story short, I got my job back and that effectively reduced my time to work on this from 24/7 to more or less few hours a week (I do have things I do outside utaware too :P) So script typesetting has been on a pretty halted state for some weeks now.

Basic has worked more of the translation though, so once I get the backlog worked out it’ll be all fun and games again. No idea for numbers but i’d be quessing we’re actually closer to 20000 than 10000 lines done now (translated, not QC’d.) I only update the progress on the project page once the first typesetting is done, so the project page doesn’t really represent the current state of the project atm, I’ll propably update it a little regarding that in a bit.

On another note, there’s some good news to be had too! While this is all in early stages and doesn’t say much as is, Binary did a rough mapping of the bytecode portion of the script files and dumping it into a (somewhat) editable format is already possible. While no tools for this exist yet aside an alpha stage dumper, what it means is that the game event data is now editable, which then again means that restoring the removed hentai scenes for the naughty patch (pepper) is starting to seem more doable.


As per usual, I do apologize for the wait for those who are actually looking forward to this project’s completion, but I will remind you all once again, that this project is something I started for me and myself, and it will be ready once we’re done with it. No sooner, no later. There are no and never will be any ETA’s or betas or anything else of the sort. The finished patch will be released when it’s done™ and in the unlikely case that it gets abandoned, the currently done build along with all tools and (documented) data will be shared for someone else to continue with.


PS: yes, i will hack uta2 when it gets released, lol.


Recent silence

There hasn’t been much going on as of late when it comes to Utawarerumono and the reason for that is once again me.

I’ve been having some health issues lately and I’ve spent a lot of time lately being in bed or in a hospital, which more or less stops the progress on uta again since the script editing is done by me, Basic has translated some more of the content though, but it’s still sitting unchecked until I get myself back in shape enough that i can actually use my computer for more than 2 minutes at a time without feeling lime im gonna die of backpains.

It’s just another unwanted delay, but can’t really help it I suppose, I do value my health over the completion of this project afterall :P

I will try and get back to work on it as soon as possible, but currently it does look like it will still take a little while.


Screenshots updated.

The project page for utawarerumono, here got a pile of new screenshots for you to stare at.

it should display majority of battle functions and general gameplay working now. We’re not missing much more aside the story script,and I figured i’ll change the images to represent that now. Enjoy.


January updates.

Well, Christmas and new year came and went, and we’ve been hard at work ever since our mandatory holiday things were over with.

Basic is back at the script working hard as ever, and myself with binaryfail took some time to mess with the remains of the UI and battle-related things. With that it’s my pleasure to let you guys know that the battle engine is now 100% done. This includes: the Battel UI, magic skills, Techniques (passive skill system), Alchemy (Eruruw’s healing skills), Unity attacks and the item system.

The main menus got a lot of fixes too and they’re starting to be pretty much ready now as the only thing left to translate in the main menus is currently the list of scenes in the Scene selection, which we will work on on a later date once more of the script has been done. Aside that only UI/System related translations missing are the general save/load messages.

Even though im still not going to give out any forms of estimates of when the patch is ready to be released, it is starting to look REALLY good now.


A quick poll

The thought of working on the PS2 version of Utawarerumono after the PSP version is done has been lingering in the back of my head for quite some time now, so I figured I’d ask around and see what people think about the idea.

I added a poll on the forum, which can be found here. Make sure to voice your opinion and let us know what you’re thinking about the idea. Who knows, maybe we’ll make it happen…. Then again, maybe we wont :P

As is, this poll is merely an attempt to get an opinion outside of the team, so it is in no way a definitive result.


– ムギ

December updates.

As christmas draws closer, our first milestone draws closer too, and as per that, I figured I’d add a status update for those 2 people still waiting for us to finish :P Currently 34 files have been gone through, which equals 4864 lines out of the estimated 37500. Still not all that much but it’s getting there I suppose.

In the meantime, some minor improvements were made to the story dialogue’s appearance, and the name centering also works now. It’s the small things that build a great patch :)


Even Yuzuha is feeling good about it.













We are at it again… Though, it will take a day or two to get additional progress done, from which I can only blame myself I suppose… being absent from this project as long as I was, I sort of forgot how to triforce and that resulted in a massive loss of data. I turned onto my backups and all is well again, but I do have to  re-QC pretty much everything that was done to the script so far. That’ll be couple days of work i suppose, maybe one if i don’t start feeling lazy halfway through it.

Quality wise it just doesn’t stop amazing me though, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.. This patch will be awesome :3


too many games, not enough hackers.

Yeah, I know, it’s been ages and then some since the last update…

I got myself involved in a little something that’s quite close to my heart when it comes to games and just like Utawarerumono, it’s a game i’ve been meaning to mess with for a long time now.


as it just so happened, not too long after we got onto working with Utawarerumono, an entity called Coldbird, whom you might have heard of if you deal with psp custom firmwares, managed to reverse engineer and then recreate a functioning server for .hack//frägment, bringing it back from it’s grave after 7 years of silence. After various incidents regarding the game I ended up in his team and i’ve been working on translating the game to get it in english and playable for the general audience. Hence the silence on the Utawarerumono project..

I will not ditch this project no matter what though, I’ve wanted to do this for as long as the psp version has existed, and no matter how long it takes, it WILL get done. What I don’t know is that how long does it actually take.

managing 2 projects at once is a massive pain in the ass but I picked up Utaware’s script editor today for the first time in a while and hence the project is once again moving at it’s usual snail pace. Just figured I need to write up something for those 2 or so people who were ever even interested of this project or happen to even know of it’s existence.

– ムギ

We’re back at it.

Some personal matters more or less forced me to take a little break but we are back at work once again. I’m hoping that we’ll progress a bit faster from now on, but we’ll just have to wait and see for that.

out of the 616 files, not more than 12 have now been finished, which isn’t really all that much. (i’d guess it’s somewhere around 3000 lines or so out of 37000.) And this is just the initial implementation too, the whole script will be played through and re-edited once the first pass is finished. We’re working way slower than we hoped for, and while our motivation is dead serious, the amount of work basically multiplied by 1000x compared to what we had originally assumed, so it does eat us a little. Originally, Basic only joined in agreeing to work on the new content of the PSP version which we didn’t have a translation done for (since it doesn’t exist on the mirror moon’s translation) but as of now, we all agreed that the re-translation will get done, and the entire script will be overhauled.

What is slowing us down a little is the fact that we all have our own stuffs going on, and Utawarerumono is only being worked on at our “spare time.”

It will be awesome though ;)


– ムギ