Merry Christmas!

BLACKlabel would like to wish you all a merry christmas and happy new year!

This year has been all fun and games and we’re all looking forward to seeing what 2015 will bring us.


Happy holidays !











– The Team

A quick poll

The thought of working on the PS2 version of Utawarerumono after the PSP version is done has been lingering in the back of my head for quite some time now, so I figured I’d ask around and see what people think about the idea.

I added a poll on the forum, which can be found here. Make sure to voice your opinion and let us know what you’re thinking about the idea. Who knows, maybe we’ll make it happen…. Then again, maybe we wont :P

As is, this poll is merely an attempt to get an opinion outside of the team, so it is in no way a definitive result.


– ムギ

December updates.

As christmas draws closer, our first milestone draws closer too, and as per that, I figured I’d add a status update for those 2 people still waiting for us to finish :P Currently 34 files have been gone through, which equals 4864 lines out of the estimated 37500. Still not all that much but it’s getting there I suppose.

In the meantime, some minor improvements were made to the story dialogue’s appearance, and the name centering also works now. It’s the small things that build a great patch :)


Even Yuzuha is feeling good about it.













We are at it again… Though, it will take a day or two to get additional progress done, from which I can only blame myself I suppose… being absent from this project as long as I was, I sort of forgot how to triforce and that resulted in a massive loss of data. I turned onto my backups and all is well again, but I do have to  re-QC pretty much everything that was done to the script so far. That’ll be couple days of work i suppose, maybe one if i don’t start feeling lazy halfway through it.

Quality wise it just doesn’t stop amazing me though, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.. This patch will be awesome :3