Bored ramblings

I added another project into the list of things that might or might not get done.
It’s mostly for my own use to keep track of where I’m going with it, but by all means, take a look.

Shinseiki Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel 2nd is a game i’ve been on/off hacking for quite a while now and figured out I might aswell add it to the projects list, since I do keep working on it every now and then.

spam spam spam

I’m tired of it, so henceforth email addresses cannot be used when registering to the forum (99,9% of spambots so far have an outlook email address.)

aside that, some other specific mail hosts have been banned which shouldn’t be an issue unless you’re a spambot, but i’d like to remind you to check your spam folder for the confirmation mail when you register, atleast gmail still doesn’t like us.


the blog (which requires an account of it’s own since im too lazy to create a merged database between the 2) doesnt currently have such restrictions, since i have other means of dealing with spam for wordpress.

when you register on the blog, the first comment you make will ALWAYS go into moderation queue. Once I greenlight that, you can comment on things freely. It’s a rather inconvenient but highly effective mean for spam.

and there’s not too many people around anyways so it shouldn’t take too long to get that going, at the worst case it takes some 10 hours if I happen to be sleeping while you post.

– ムギ

Screenshots updated.

The project page for utawarerumono, here got a pile of new screenshots for you to stare at.

it should display majority of battle functions and general gameplay working now. We’re not missing much more aside the story script,and I figured i’ll change the images to represent that now. Enjoy.


January updates.

Well, Christmas and new year came and went, and we’ve been hard at work ever since our mandatory holiday things were over with.

Basic is back at the script working hard as ever, and myself with binaryfail took some time to mess with the remains of the UI and battle-related things. With that it’s my pleasure to let you guys know that the battle engine is now 100% done. This includes: the Battel UI, magic skills, Techniques (passive skill system), Alchemy (Eruruw’s healing skills), Unity attacks and the item system.

The main menus got a lot of fixes too and they’re starting to be pretty much ready now as the only thing left to translate in the main menus is currently the list of scenes in the Scene selection, which we will work on on a later date once more of the script has been done. Aside that only UI/System related translations missing are the general save/load messages.

Even though im still not going to give out any forms of estimates of when the patch is ready to be released, it is starting to look REALLY good now.