Zill O’ll infinite plus added to projects


Zill O’ll infinite plus is another of my forever projects that picked up some wind recently.

Figured I’ll add it to the list, and I might or might not release a properly working menu translation patch for it to replace the awful machine translation mess I made back in 2013.

in any case, it’s another of the forever projects category and more or less serves to keep me away from being bored to death while im waiting for basic to work more scripts for utawarerumono portable.


– ムギ

i found a funny

I dont usually post much useless crap (aside all the useless crap I post… which is basically everything on the site.) but anyway, I found this funny enough I figured i’ll share :P


Protip: pay attention to the laptop. Apparently NERV hands out HAL 9000’s to their staff :P


on a side note, graphics work on PS2 version of Girlfriend of steel is coming along, it’ll be done within some hours of effective work time, which translates to propably few days of time. I only work on the game on the side of more interesting things. The game’s text engine is a mess of it’s own and it’s in progress of being sorted out, more on that later. The script access itself is not an issue, it has already been sorted out and script editing is as much accessible as it is on the psp version (aka total control of graphics, text and animations.) It is another note worth of interest. The ps2 version does actually contain most if not all of the original pc version graphics, but is not using them. This includes tons and tons of animated scenes that were not animated either on the ps2 or the psp version. But unlike the psp version, the ps2 version still contains the commented out animation code. I might or might not restore some of it, because why not.



hooray…. or something.

But yeah, GFOS 2 finally went into testing phase, about time too i guess, considering that i’ve been sitting on this patch for a year now and it really doesnt have much to it anymore. The script has been fully done for 2 forevers now and same goes to all the relevant graphics and whatnot.

A friend of mine finally took it upon himself to play through the thing to see that it’s all-ok. and once that’s done it should be release time.

oh well, we’ll see how long that takes xD


up and dates :P

still here…. somewhat.

I put the project page of utawarerumono up to date and am working on more to come… hopefully a bit faster than what i’ve recently done. Either way, game’s fully translated up to meeting Karura now and looking good and working as intended so far.











– ムギ

Finally some updates !

As per usual…. my apologies for having a life and whatnot..

But yes, we are alive and still (atleast giving the illusion of) working on uta! I updated the projects page and we are now past 12k lines mark with the script. Currenly the game is completely translated up to the scene of first meeting with Kuuya, and as before, the team burns with the desire to actually walk this project to the very end while struggling with real life interferences.

….some day, it will be done and we can die happy :)

 – ムギ

Recent Downtime

Hey guys, i’m a friend of ムギ.

Recently, there were some weird 404 not founds and redirects to my domain about an hour ago for 20 minutes. This was due to a move that had been decided earlier after the old host decided to start doing some weird crap. So now we (BLACKlabel translations) are on a new host.

It’s nice to meet you all and i hope you have a nice day :D

– Belldandu

Late project updates

As usual, updates have been far and between…. My apologies for that.

Allow me to explain a bit of what’s been going on ever since the last posts around christmas times.

First of all; Personal matters. I now have a girlfriend who im going to marry very soon, and hence my real life has been turned into something i have to now pay a lot of attention instead of being something i mostly ignored as an unneccessary nuisance before. Thats one thing, i havent given Utawarerumono the attention it requires, and for that my apologies.

secondly; the translation.

as sad as i am to say, we have not heard from Basic at all basically ever since january, and we have been unable to contact him at all, which means that the project is for the first time in it’s history in real jeopardy. If it comes to that, i will look for alternate sources to complete this patch, but not before i have had a definite confirmation that Basic wont do it. The OC in me prevents me from having anyone else work on it and compromise the steady quality and consistency of the script. This patch is still something primarily worked for ourselves, and after that, for other people to enjoy, and my perfectionism simply places the quality over extended periods of time, whether it be months or years… I do realize this will be a dissappointment for those to hear who were actually waiting for it to complete… i am sorry to say i have completely lost a timeframe for it’s completion now, and the future events will tell how it goes.



 – ムギ