Shin seiki Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel 2nd


Original title: 新世紀エヴァンゲリオン鋼鉄のガールフレンド 2nd (vndb)

Current status:



version 1.0 – Download / Verification file

version 1.01 – Download / Verification file

– Patch 1.01 is to be applied to the unmodified japanese iso. Do not attempt to patch it over the initial 1.00 release.

v1.01 – blt-gfos.II.eng.v1.01.xdelta
– updated script to fix spelling errors and awkward spelling mistakes.
fixed an issue of one multiselection-textbox being too small for it’s text.

v1.00 – blt-gfos_II_eng.xdelta
– initial release.


This game is a kind of a forever project of mine, which I keep getting back into every now and then when I’m bored out of my mind. The simplicity and small size of it has made it an ideal guinea pig for various experimental hacks me and binaryfail brewed for Utawarerumono and other games, and in the process, this thing got basically reversed inside out.

I’ve started a translation project for it once before, but my translator from that time vanished into thin air, leaving me to eventually abandon the game, but since I keep returning to it from time to time, I just figured, why not. It might eventually get done since it’s not all that much work anyway.


Graphics: Mugi
Hacking: Binaryfail, Mugi
Translation: jjjewel

Notable things:

Consider this release as a public beta. I played through one of the routes and patched off all the remaining errors I found.  If you find any remaining issues, bugs, typos or the like, by all means, write a post on the bug tracker thread on the forums.


For those interested of what was done, the game underwent following changes:

– All in-game text translated from japanese to english
– Script auto-linebreak disabled (handled manually from within scripts)
–  All relevant graphics translated from japanese to english. (texts written into the background graphics such as roadsigns are untouched.)
– sceImposeSetLanguageMode(), sceUtilityMsgDialogInitStart() and sceUtilitySavedataInitStart() patched to english language and japanese button mapping (O = ok)
– Blacklabel logotype added to initial loading.
– in-game UI streamlined to be less intrusive and eating less screenspace compared to the original.
– snd0.at3 added to the XMB screen.

If you have an interest of porting this translation to another language, the tools for editing the game are available on our BBS.



uljm-05477_0001 uljm-05477_0002 uljm-05477_0003 uljm-05477_0004uljm-05477_0005 uljm-05477_0006 uljm-05477_0007 uljm-05477_0009uljm-05477_0008