Utawarerumono portable


Original Title: うたわれるもの -portable- (vndb)

Current status:

In Progress


None yet


This project Officially started at 10.11.2013 and been steadily progressing since 19.01.2014.
Our goal is to complete 2 versions of the patch:

A Vanilla version which is true to the psp version of the game, and thus, void of all the naughty scenes.
“Pepper”, which will restore, and to a degree, uncensor the removed hentai scenes.

The completion of the Pepper patch is at this point still uncertain. Creating such a patch poses various technical issues we haven’t yet looked into.
The primary patch will be the Vanilla version, however, several things are also changed within it, such as some silly pointless censoring of non-erotic images (visible panties and such) and several other things that are assumably changed in order to drop down the age-rating of the game, or possibly even allowing the game to be released at all. It is known that Sony is rather strict about sexual content on PlayStation games.


– basic: (translation, QC)
– binaryfail: (hacking, programming)
– Mugi: (graphics, hacking, script-editing/implementation)


– Graphics: 99,9%
– Raws checked:
[ 316 / 316 files ]
– Translation: [ 190 / 316 files ] (updated 25.06.2017)
– Script Check: [ 135 / 316 files ] [ 14247 / 35133 lines ] (re)translated (updated 25.06.2017)
– Misc. hacking: 95%

Notable things:

This translation is loosely based on the original translation of the PC version made by Mirror moon / soylations.The main reason I was originally able to start this project was that I received a copy of the translated PC version’s script from Mirrormoon along with their blessings to use it.

the original intention was just to implement it into the PSP version, but eventually, for various reasons, we are now more or less retranslating the whole script instead, and only use Mirrormoon’s original script as a base of our work. Nonetheless, credits where credits are due.

The translation patch for the PC version is available from mirrormoon.org



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