Zill O’ll infinite plus


Current status:





This project has been terminated. Below data has been left as is for legacy reasons.


Graphics: N/A
Hacking: N/A
Translation: N/A

Notable things:




what was done so far includes:

– Main menu (including all submenus), battle menu, basic equipment names fully translated.
– character creator somewhat translated (is missing some selection texts.)
–  inn’s, shops, blacksmith and the job system fully translated (excluding missing location and character names.)
– character creatorand blacksmith’s rename item function was patched to accept ASCII name inputs. (buggy)
– date format in world map and main menu patched to DD.MM.YYYY format as opposed to the original YYYY.MM.DD
– world map fully translated (excluding missing location names.)
– some location and character names have been translated.

On the non-translation related side:

– Some graphics have been imported from the ps2 version for quality improvement (soul graphics, textbox, various little things.)
– Character portrait images have been completely remastered to restore missing colors and overall bad quality. (in progress)
–  PSP system modules (home/saveload) patched to english with japanese button mapping.
– save data info patched to english.
– tons and tons of object relocating to fix alignment issues caused by new text strings.
– menus have been edited to be unified in style (bad quality texture used in some menus was removed and all menus are now dark blue.)
– game font completely redone (it’s now 9px tahoma)


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