Playstation Portable:

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth

Version: 1.01 – Download / Verification file

patched several sound effects i missed on the first go, including “brandish sword”


The 3rd Birthday

Version: 1.02 – Download / Verification file

This patch addresses the recurring bug that happens at the end of each chapter and crashes the game after the cutscene. This patch replaces patch v1.01 and is to be applied directly to the initial release.

Version: 1.01 – Download / Verification file

This patch addresses the bug that causes the undub to crash at the end of chapter 4 after the cutscene.


Crisis core: Final Fantasy VII

Version: Final – Download / Verification file

replaces XMB elements and saveicons, sorts out miscalleanous audio errors, present in several places around the game.


Playstation 1

Valkyrie Profile

Version: 1.00 – Download / Verification file

Custom Coverscan – Front side / Back side / Disk 1 / Disk 2 / Combined Disk

A series of xDelta patches to patch the NTSC-US version of valkyrie profile to the undubbed version of the game.  This release contains patches for disks 1 and 2 and a 3rd patch which combines both disks into one, allowing the game to be played without the need for swapping disks. Make sure to read the readme file contained, it contains important information.